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What is yoga?

Yoga is union of body, mind and spirit. Yoga was originally developed to prepare the body for meditation. By moving through specific asanas (poses), we reduce tension, increase flexibility and build strength. Because yoga is so intimately connected to breath work, it has tremendous physical and mental health benefits. For example,

1. Reduced stress

2. Increased flexibility

3. Strengthens bones

4. Increases bone density

5. Relieves anxiety and depression

6. Improves blood circulation

7. Promotes sleep

8. Relieves chronic back pain

9. Helps maintain a healthy weight

10. Lowers blood sugar levels in diabetics

11. Improves sexual function

12. Lowers blood pressure


Finding the perfect yoga class can be difficult, but once you find your preferred style and teacher, you will experience deep joy as you move through postures. Yoga and Ayurveda are deeply linked and establish a solid blueprint for living a healthy life. The ancient wisdom from the Vedas outlines these sister sciences and has real value in today’s busy world. Reconnecting with nature, turning inward and honoring the body allow us to enjoy abundant health, energy and peace. To learn more about Ayurvedic Health Coach and Private Yoga sessions, click here.

What is Yoga for Fertility?

Yoga for Fertility is a style of gentle yoga designed to regulate the endocrine (glandular/hormonal) system and increase blood flow to the heart and pelvic areas. By adapting poses to the phase of your monthly cycle, Yoga for Fertility helps you reduce stress and prepare your body for conception (naturally or through assisted reproductive technology).


“Yoga for fertility helped me feel relaxed and happy but best of all it helped me conceive!  I got pregnant naturally the month before we were going to start fertility treatments.  Read Sarah’s full Yoga for Fertility client spotlight here.”

To learn more about private Yoga for Fertility sessions, click here.