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Yoga for fertility helped me feel relaxed and happy but best of all it helped me conceive!  I got pregnant naturally the month before we were going to start fertility treatments.  Read Sarah’s full Yoga for Fertility client spotlight here.

I have gained a more self-assured, confident, relaxed sense of self. My anxiety has eased, and I have learned more about how to truly take care of myself.

When I began to practice with Nicole, I changed the way I was eating based on what my body needed at the time. I practiced a gentler way of exercising. I had done yoga before but this time I learned breathing techniques to help with stress/anxiety and my intentions were way more focused. I asked God/universe for a baby when I set my intention for my practice…. Although my fertility journey was many years and a lot of heartache, I would do it again if the prize at the end is my son. Read Linsy’s full Yoga for Fertility client spotlight here.

Ayurveda has given me permission and the tools to take care of myself, which helps me better take care of those around me. Read Julie’s full Ayurveda client spotlight here.

Coming here is a very peaceful experience. I am learning so much and seeing results. My digestion has improved so much along with my red bumps on my skin.

…it is important to have an accountability partner and support system. Nicole is a great energy and health coach.

She is kind, compassionate and centers the work around the individual. This was more than I expected. Thank you!

Nicole is so positive you can’t help but be excited, and it is clear she has your best interest in mind. Ayurveda was the next best step for me in my continued journey to find my best health/me.

For me, personally, it got me motivated to try to get back into doing yoga on a regular basis. It felt SO good doing the stretches and I was reminded how much better I felt when I was practicing yoga. Nicole did such a great job of explaining the moves, helping to position everyone safely in the moves, and encouraging and supporting everyone at all levels. For Dominic, I think just being able to do something special with his “favorite teacher ever” was fantastic! He also said he enjoyed doing the yoga.

Put simply: I was burning out and needed to find a different way of living.  My husband had studied Ayurveda in the past and encouraged me to explore it.  I found Nicole and that’s when I had my ah-ha moment!  Even in the first session, she taught me a breathing exercise to do when I start to feel overwhelmed and I still practice it to this day.  Read Katie’s full Ayurveda client spotlight here.

I really really really enjoyed the presentation.  With all of my stress going on in my life, I looked towards the negatives most of the time.  I didn’t really take the time to focus on what makes me really happy in life, all of her exercises really helped me.  I got the time to write down and think what really makes me happy in life, and just being able to lie down and relax.  I also loved hearing about her story and how successful and happy she was in the end.  I made me have a sense of hope in my life that I really can change and succeed.  I can lose weight and just be a generally happy person.  I came out of that presentation feeling really motivated and happy and I haven’t felt like that in a long time.

Nicole has a great ability to connect with us, which deepens the experience and understanding. It leaves me feeling relaxed and recharged. Read full Meditation for Families spotlight here.