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Your holistic health solution is finally here.

Are you interested in using yoga and meditation to reduce anxiety naturally?

Do you want to start using food as medicine, improve your digestion and stop wasting time feeling bloated, gassy and stuck?

Do you thrive in an intimate environment that challenges you to see nutrition and exercise in a new way while receiving personal attention from a knowledgeable coach that gives you plenty of time to ask questions and express concerns?

Are you trying to get pregnant and need alternative solutions?

Ayurvedic Health Coaching may be your answer!

Through 60-minute personalized Skype coaching sessions, I teach you how to balance your body in order to look and feel your best. You will learn how to utilize diet, lifestyle, herbs, essential oils, yoga, meditation and pranayama techniques to feel light, relaxed and free in your body.

What do I receive during coaching sessions?

A dosha assessment to understand your unique mind-body constitution
Specific diet recommendations based on your dosha and unique health care needs
Easy recipes to use at home
Private yoga sessions designed to your level and ability
Ample time to ask questions and express concerns
Meditation sessions that include breathing techniques, mudras and mantras
A safe and accepting space for healing and growth


One 60-minute session: $100

Three 60-minute sessions: $270

Six 60-minute sessions: $480

It’s really easy to get started!  Just click here to send me a message, and we will schedule your sessions.

Read client testimonials by clicking here.

Learn More About Ayurvedic Health Coaching

Because I have limited time to see clients, it’s important to book your session at least 2 weeks in advance. I respect your busy schedule, so I offer weekday evening appointments. If you need to reschedule your appointment, just call or email at least 24 hours in advance to avoid the cancellation fee (full session rate).