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How to Use a Neti Pot

This week I have been surrounded by sick people. My brother has a crazy flu and has been leaving sweat puddles in the sheets. A colleague at work came in just for a meeting (lucky me!) and then went home sick. My students are coughing and sneezing all over the place.

This is precisely the time of year when I pull out my secret weapon: the neti pot. I use my neti pot every morning to prevent those little bugs from making their way all the way into my system. Immediately afterwards I can breathe clearly. With allergy season on it’s way, this baby will be my best friend.

But here’s the kicker… I actually recorded a video of me USING the neti pot. Why? Well, for you, of course. It can be a little tricky at first, so I wanted to give you the play-by-play of how to incorporate this Ayurvedic technique into your morning routine. Snot and all. You’re welcome.

A few warnings about the neti pot:

1. Only use the neti pot once a day. Your nasal passages can become irritated with overuse.

2. Do NOT use sea salt. Choose iodized salt instead.

3. It gets easier with practice, so try it daily for 3 weeks to get the best benefits.

4. Sometimes the neti pot won’t flow if you’re already VERY congested. It’s a perfect prevention technique, so start using it before you get sick.

Let me know how your neti pot adventures go! I love comments and questions. Enjoy!


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