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Love Day 25: WiggleWorks

Yesterday Sofie and I went back to one of her favorite play spots, WiggleWorks at Crossroads Mall in Bellevue, Washington. Kids and parents are free until 13 months, so we’re taking advantage of that awesome deal. The entire place is soft, clean and safe so I feel comfortable letting her explore. My little nugget is […]

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Love Day 19: Melrose Grill

Last night Kevin and I went out to celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Melrose Grill in Renton. When we first moved here, I felt like we were leaving behind all the good restaurants in Seattle. I’m happy to report that Renton is surprising me with multiple delicious options for a romantic date night. Melrose Grill […]

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How to Make Homemade Bug Spray

Have you ever put on DEET and thought to yourself, “There has to be something better?” The answer is an astounding YES! According to Green Your Body: “One of the most widely used ingredients in store-bought conventional bug sprays for personal use is N,N-Diethyl-m-toluamide, or DEET, as it’s commonly known. DEET, which is designed to […]

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prenatal yoga

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga has been saving my life. Pregnancy is such an interesting and strange time of massive body change. I’ve never before experienced the lower back pain, weird sensations or mix of emotions that I’m experiencing now. One place where I’ve felt completely accepted and understood is at prenatal yoga class at 8 Limbs Yoga Centers […]

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