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Love Day 17: Top Knot Kinda Day

Having a baby girl is so fun and sweet. I love the way she babbles in her sing-song-y voice. Dressing her is so much fun. We’ve been so lucky to receive great hand-me-down clothes from friends. The one thing I have splurged on is headbands. My favorite Etsy shop for adorable headbands is called TopKnowKindaDay. […]

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Love Day 8: Sleep (Video)

This one doesn’t need too much explanation. I LOVE LOVE LOVE going to bed early and getting a great nights sleep. After surviving the newborn baby blur, I’ve felt extra appreciative of these cozy nights. After a lot of hesitation, we sleep trained Sofie about 4 months ago, and it changed my life. Now I wake […]

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Monthly TouchwithGinger and Rae

Love Day 5: Monthly Touch

Last night I went to an incredible yoga workshop called Monthly Touch with Ginger Saunders and Rae Helsel at Haute Yoga Queen Anne. For 2 glorious hours, Rae led us through restorative poses while both teachers loved on us with massage and personal adjustments. That first 10-second massage unlocked the tears, and I just let them flow. It […]

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