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Love Day 8: Sleep (Video)

This one doesn’t need too much explanation. I LOVE LOVE LOVE going to bed early and getting a great nights sleep. After surviving the newborn baby blur, I’ve felt extra appreciative of these cozy nights. After a lot of hesitation, we sleep trained Sofie about 4 months ago, and it changed my life. Now I wake […]

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eat taste heal

Ayurveda Book Review

My absolute favorite Ayurveda book is Eat-Taste-Heal: An Ayurvedic Cookbook for Modern Living. It is perfect for beginners because it outlines Ayurveda simply and clearly in the first third of the book. The knowledgeable authors break down this comprehensive healthcare system into manageable pieces that make sense in today’s world. Additionally, the recipes are delicious with mouth-watering photos to […]

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Dry Body Brushing

Dr. Adolfo recommended dry body brushing as a way to help eliminate toxins, refresh the skin and improve blood circulation.  When I hear about many natural, subtle health techniques, I ask myself, “Does this really do anything?”  Or perhaps, “How effective is this method?”  Well, I’ve learned that if I relax and enjoy the process, I […]

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