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Love Day 3: Overlake Mom and Baby Care Center

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been talking with a friend and said, “At the Overlake group, I learned that…” The Overlake Mom and Baby Care Center in Bellevue, Washington, has become my cherished home base for current research, connection with other moms and social time for Sofie. When Kevin went back to work a month after Sofie was born, I was so thankful to have a place where I could take Sofie, breast feed freely and talk with other moms. The group is led by an incredible nurse named Sandy Salmon. She brings humor, compassion and up-to-date information to moms at every stage of baby development. She even arranges experts to come speak at the group like a pediatric dentist, a pelvic-floor physical therapist and a pediatric sleep coach. There’s also a baby scale in the room, so I’ve been able to accurately track Sofie’s growth in between doctor’s appointments. These Overlake moms have become my dear friends. Taking care of a baby can be a lonely job if you’re isolated at home. I’m so grateful for this safe, supportive place to connect.

The Mom and Baby Care Center also provides free lactation consultations right after your baby is born. Four appointments helped me teach Sofie how to latch properly and helped build my confidence as a new mom.

Finally, the Overlake Mom and Baby Care Center houses the Milk Donation Center. In just the first 6 months, mothers donated 95 gallons of breast milk for premature babies. It was featured on King 5 News recently because the shared breast milk has helped NICU babies fight infection. Watch the video here. I’m so proud to be part of this incredible community and hope to spread the word of this invaluable resource. If you know a woman in the Seattle/Bellevue area giving birth soon, let her know about this support network!

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