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Love Day 21 & 22: Story Time with Nancy Stewart

Last night one of my mom friends from the Overlake Group texted me about a story time at Island Books on Mercer Island. Since I’m on mid-winter break, I was up for it!

I grew up on Mercer Island, so I remember cruising the aisles of tiny Island Books to pick out just the perfect book or present. Then I noticed that Nancy Stewart was leading the story time. <Insert flashback waves here> I remember Nancy coming into my class at Country Village Day School with her big guitar and singing Baby Beluga to all of us crazy kindergarteners. That was always my favorite time of the week.

Nancy was always to kind and energetic. I was eager to see her again all of these years later. Sofie and I made the trip to Island Books, and we were not disappointed. Those 30 minutes were jam-packed with music, books, felt visual aids and egg shakers. Sofie was absolutely captivated. I love seeing her grow and respond differently to new teachers and performers every week.

After reading Brain Rules for Baby, I’ve learned that music education is an excellent way to help babies learn language, patterns and social cues. This free story time may need to be on our regular summer rotation! Thank you, Nancy!

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