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Love Day 5: Monthly Touch

Last night I went to an incredible yoga workshop called Monthly Touch with Ginger Saunders and Rae Helsel at Haute Yoga Queen Anne. For 2 glorious hours, Rae led us through restorative poses while both teachers loved on us with massage and personal adjustments. That first 10-second massage unlocked the tears, and I just let them flow. It feels so good to get touched out of pure love with no need to reciprocate or even speak. They just know.

The effort it takes a new mama to leave the house, prepare the milk, miss bedtime, drive in the rain, park, pay and actually make it to the mat can be overwhelming. By the time I settled into the class, my busy mind finally started to relax. The mini-massages, dark lighting, deep breathing and hypnotic music created the most luxurious and rejuvenating me-time. To make the experience even sweeter, Rae and Ginger offer chocolate and wine at the end so people can stay, chat and connect with the community. Check out this gorgeous group!

Ginger’s workshops always bring out feelings of awe, pride and love in me. I met Ginger during our Yoga Teacher Training at the Hatha Yoga Center. We both completed our training with our teachers, Bob and Ki, in Bali, so we decided to share a room and save money. After a couple days, many jet-lagged sleepless nights and a sister-like fight over speed walking, we became lifelong friends. I’m so grateful for her presence in my life. Watching her grow and evolve in her yoga art has been so inspiring. This month she was even featured in Seattle Magazine as a top fitness expert.


So in this month of love, I officially LOVE Ginger, massages and yoga time.

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