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Love Day 4: Podcasts

Podcasts transform my commute from a boring waste to an uplifting recharge. As you can probably guess, I’m really into personal growth and self-help types of audio. Although sometimes I also like to hear stories and learn about other topics. When life feels a little too heavy or complicated, it’s really nice to lose myself in someone else’s story. Here are my top 3 podcast picks:

  1. Hello Freedom by Terri Cole. This podcast is one of my favorites because Terri’s voice is super calming. She interviews inspiring leaders in the health and wellness field. She is a psychotherapist, so she has a really interesting perspective on life.

  1. The Marie Forleo Podcast. Marie Forleo recently announced that her award-winning show, Marie TV, is now available in podcast version. This is really exciting because now all of my favorite episodes are organized and available for easy listening in the car.


  1. This American Life. This is one of the most popular podcasts in the country with about 2.5 million downloads of each episode. Whoa! These stories are so real and intriguing. This podcast gets me thinking about topics that would otherwise never enter my daily awareness. Love that!

But how do I find/get podcasts? I’ve heard this question a lot in the last few weeks. Just get the free app on your phone that looks like this:

Then search topics or people that interest you. Download the episode you want to hear and play it during your commute. Ba da bing! If you want even more great recommendations, check out this blog post by Healthy Crush writer Jenny Sansouci.

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