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Love Day 20: Mid-Winter Break

I love mid-winter break! As many of you know, I teach second grade Spanish Immersion teacher at Puesta del Sol Elementary in Bellevue, Washington. One of the many things I love about my job is the vacation schedule. Having a random week off in February fuels me to power through towards spring. It’s also a really creative and fun time for me. This month I’m blogging every single day. I’m also brainstorming some upcoming classes I’d like to teach. I’m Skyping with new essential oil team members and building the Sundrops. My most important job during these rainy, freedom-filled days is taking care of Sofie. My mom, AKA super grandma nanny, gets to take a relaxing spa vacation with my dad. Let me tell you… She deserves it!

This year I get to work at school part-time. I teach Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and get to be with Sofie Thurs-Sun. It’s an amazing balance for me as a woman. I get to spend tons of time with my daughter, cook her nourishing foods, spearhead social and developmental activities for her while also going out into the world and contributing in a different way. Getting up and dressed and leaving the house by 6:30am is good for my soul somehow. I need those days to just be in charge of me (well, and 24 second graders). Finding balance as a mom is really hard, so I’m extremely grateful for this schedule and opportunity.

As I relish these special days with my babe, I officially thank the Universe for mid-winter break. Thank you!

Photo by Erin Schedler Photography

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