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Love Day 19: Melrose Grill

Last night Kevin and I went out to celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Melrose Grill in Renton. When we first moved here, I felt like we were leaving behind all the good restaurants in Seattle. I’m happy to report that Renton is surprising me with multiple delicious options for a romantic date night.

Melrose Grill is a restored old tavern and hotel. It has an old charm that makes it part of historic downtown Renton. During Prohibition, it flourished as a pool hall, card room and soda parlor. Now it houses a world class steak house. I would definitely recommend making reservations because drop-ins had to face a 90-minute wait.

The simple, one-page menu showed me that they value quality over quantity. I had the lamb chop special with caesar salad, basmati rice pilaf and vegetables. The lamb was tender and perfectly cooked. We had a bottle of wine and shared a rich chocolate torte for dessert. As new parents, we don’t get out much, so this special night with amazing food and wine hit the spot!

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