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Love Day 17: Top Knot Kinda Day

Having a baby girl is so fun and sweet. I love the way she babbles in her sing-song-y voice. Dressing her is so much fun. We’ve been so lucky to receive great hand-me-down clothes from friends. The one thing I have splurged on is headbands. My favorite Etsy shop for adorable headbands is called TopKnowKindaDay. The owner, Amy, creates unique headbands that are super soft and don’t leave any dents in Sofie’s forehead. That was my main requirement as I was searching through the options.

I ordered 3 headbands, and she threw in a 4th for free. Love that! She also does Mommy-and-me headbands that are just irresistible. Yes, the cheese factor is high here, I admit it. But it’s just so darn sweet. I’m enjoying every second of this baby girl goodness.

Daddy even got into this one!

I just can’t!



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