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Love Day 11: Miracle Membership

One of my greatest teachers is Gabrielle Bernstein. She’s an author, speaker and badass spiritual leader. After reading all of her books and watching her video blogs religiously every Monday, I decided to join her Miracle Membership. It has become a tool I use weekly whenever I need to shift my attitude. Each month I get a:

  1. Original podcast
  2. Guided meditation
  3. Oldie-but-a-goodie lecture
  4. Beautiful digital affirmation

This month the theme is Love Enters Into All Of My Relationships. It absolutely fits with my month-of-love daily blog challenge. It feels so good to be part of her Miracle Membership community with all of the other Spirit Junkies.

As I write this I’m enjoying a free livestream of her lecture in New York called How to Live a Miraculous Life. Who doesn’t want that? AND I’m wearing my Spirit Junkie top.

Ok, maybe I’m a little obsessed. If you’re obsessed like me, join our Facebook group to Bring Gabby to Seattle on her next book tour. I know I will meet her in person someday. Big LOVE for Gabby and the Miracle Membership. Thank you!

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