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Love Day 10: My Graphic Designer, Kristy Gardner

For Love Day #10, I’m going to girl-crush all over my amazing graphic designer, Kristy Gardner. If you’re reading this blog right now, you can see the beautiful design she’s done on my website. It looked like a total disaster before her help. I even wrote her a testimonial singing her praises.

Not only does she rock her graphic design business, Peppercorn Creative, she is also the creator of the food blog, She Eats. Anyone that loves food as much as she does is “one of my people.” Now she has even published her first book, Cooking with Cocktails. How beautiful is that cover?!

Besides being incredibly talented, she’s also funny, generous and kind. When we were negotiating our last contract, I asked her to throw in a Virtual Happy Hour for some business coaching via Skype. This time with Kristy really helped me get clear on the essential oil branch of my business. Her coaching and design has helped me attract new clients and build the Sundrops. She is an absolute joy and deserves all the LOVE!



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