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Join the Sundrops

Joining the Sundrops is a fabulous way to share, learn and enjoy the Young Living Nicole-Tall-Image-Bannercommunity and is a holistic, heart centered way to change your life!

I started the Sundrops because I wanted to create a support system for those of us interested in essential oils and natural healing.

The Sundrops is like the A-team. Only better! We’re hands-on, generous, informative, compassionate and empowering.

When you purchase Young Living Essential Oils from me, you’ll not only receive beautiful, organic, purely natural oils that will help you…

  • Boost energy and reduce stress naturally;
  • Enhance your beauty routine and feel gorgeous;
  • Clean your home with gentle but effective solutions;
  • Help the environment;
  • Love a more holistic, balanced, heart centered, spiritual, preventative and cost-effective way of life;

You’ll also join the exclusive #Sundrops community and…

  • Become a member of our vibrant Facebook Group for member to member support;
  • Utilize the #SunDrops hashtag on Instagram to find other resourceful members of our community and use their knowledge to help you with your oils;
  • Have the opportunity to attend in-person events (currently in Seattle) that foster a compassionate, helpful and fun environment;
  • Participate in private oily parties to learn how to use the oils and create your own products that are targeted to your unique needs and treatments;
  • Benefit from exclusive and supportive live webinars and information sessions;
  • Get spoiled with all kinds of member exclusive information and gifts to help you use your oils in the most delicious and effective way possible;
  • Take advantage of my personalized services to integrate a holistic blend of yoga, meditation, pranayama, healthy cooking, natural beauty, green home cleaning into your pure, 100% natural essential oils practice;
  • Have the chance to become a Sundrop Leader and launch your own oil business, allowing you to start earning your own commissions (optional & if you express interest).

Because I mostly want you to feel supported, empowered and informed, I’m also available to the Sundrops via email and I personally respond to your queries and requests.

I can tell that because you’ve stuck around this long, you’re ready to make a change for the betterment of your mind, your body and your life.

So, let’s get started!


Right now you have the unique opportunity to join us!

We’re an exclusive health and wellness community whose heart is to serve our members with support, resources, inspiration and community. We would love to have you join us!

To start your journey OR further your journey, join the sundrops now!

Simply visit my Essential Oils page to get started. There you’ll learn about how I came to essential oils, how they can help you and then you’ll have the option to join as either a Wholesale Member (the best option) or a Retail Customer.


If you’re unsure about which package is right for you or if you just want to talk out your options or ask me questions about my wellness journey, please contact me. Hands-on, generous, informative, compassionate and empowering, remember? We’re in this together.