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How I Manifested My Dream Job

Last month I manifested my dream job. The process of opening my mind and attracting this incredible opportunity was so fun for me. Today I want to share my process and steps for manifesting.

1. The truth is that I had been “working” towards my new job for months. It started in my journal. I wrote every day about the aspects of my current job that I love. Then I listed the other elements I wanted. For example, I appreciate my current teaching job share and the flexibility it provides me AND I want to call in a job where I can complete the whole thing in part-time hours.

Now I get to work as Student Support Coach at Beaver Lake Middle School in Issaquah, WA. I get to work with students and teachers all around social-emotional development. I also get to work 2 1/2 day a week so I can spend the other days with Sofie. Now I can complete the entire job in part-time hours. Yes!

2, During the dreaming phase, I meditated every day. I brought my best, most positive self to work each day. I dressed up and opened myself up to new possibilities.

3. When I was feeling good, I started working on my applications and updating my resume. I made a conscious effort to only work on these things when I was already feeling good. The moment I started to stress or worry, I took a break, went for a walk or cooked something delicious in the kitchen. This is so important because the energy we use to create impacts the results. I refused to complete my applications from a place of lack and stress. So I did everything possible to feel good, keep feeling good and take aligned action from that feel-good place. I also blogged about how to handle uncertainty.

4. My next step was to get on the phone and talk my dreams into reality. I called my contacts and shared what I was looking for. I asked questions and listened. I expressed my dedication to Sofie and my commitment to working part-time so I can spend time with her. I talked more about what I DO want than what I didn’t want. I had faith that I was attracting all of the necessary people and circumstances to me.

I’m so excited for this new opportunity. I can’t wait to see what will manifest next!


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