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How to Be Happy at Work

Black screen. Nothing. Control Alt Delete to no avail. It’s official, my computer died.

The first week back at work in January, my computer started acting up. It was slow, not loading and just messing up my flow. Frustration station.


Finally I called the help desk, and they told me to bring it into their office on the other side of the city. Of course I was annoyed and fantasized about a way to send my computer via district mail or carrier pigeon to save myself the trip. After a few more attempts to fix the problem, I resigned myself to the no computer access and shut that baby down. Instead of feeling limited and inconvenienced, I actually felt a sense of freedom. I felt light and creative to use my time in new ways. I created new physical resources for my students and engaged more deeply. Instead of checking email five times a day, I initiated more conversations, asked more questions and came more alive.

My computer problems gave me permission to let go of the outside world and focus on my environment and my students. It was a refreshing and interesting 2 days. I want to take a few of these lessons with me once I have my computer back.

1. Checking email once a day is enough.

2. Like always, less is more.

3. The present moment is way more fun when you’re not multitasking.

This wasn’t the first time that a work situation taught me more about myself. Over the last few years, I’ve seen that my attitude and experiences at work are the ultimate spiritual classroom. No matter where we find ourselves, the situations we confront provide an opportunity to be annoyed and frustrated with life or a chance to grow and expand. It’s obvious that we need more light workers in the world. We are needed to give and spread love and light. May today be the day that you bring your full light to your work environment. That’s my goal!

How do you stay present and positive at work? I’d love to hear your tips and comments below.

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