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When I feel like crying…

It’s that time of year when work, family and social obligations pile up. As a teacher, it’s a busy time with report cards, parent teacher conferences, assessments and endless meetings. There are some moments when I can feel the overwhelm creep up and tears want to spring out. Sometimes I just let them. It’s so cathartic and healthy to actually feel those feelings. Other times (like at work), I take a break to journal and breathe. Even 5-10 minutes can do wonders. I start with a gratitude list about all of the things that are going well. It’s too easy to focus on the nasty email from a parent or other problems. When I refocus my attention towards all of the little victories and small beauties, it makes me feel better.

tea-journal-gloves-cafeNext I write the word Manifestation on the top of the next page. Then I imagine myself one month or one year from now. I write a journal entry for the future. This entry is calling in all of the feelings and experiences of my ideal life situation. Usually I focus on how I feel on that future day. Visualizing and imagining my desired scenario helps me get clear about how to actually get there. It’s not by complaining about today. It’s about planting the positive seeds, no matter how small they may be.

This breath work and journal exercise helps me reset.  It energizes me and helps me recognize even more good things in my life. During this busy, festive time of year, what’s your favorite reset strategy?

photo credit: Katie Noah Gibson

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