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3 Tips for Facing Uncertainty

We all go through periods of change and uncertainty. This year I’m facing a lot of big changes in my career and life. As I explore new job options, I feel a lot of anxiety coming up. Here are my top 3 tips for handling uncertainty.

1. Turn waiting into preparing. Instead of fretting over the future or checking your email nonstop, use this time to tackle some housekeeping details. Update your resume. Clean closets and donate old items to Goodwill. Reach out to contacts and share your interests and passions. Transform this uncertain time into a valuable opportunity to prepare yourself for the next big adventure.

2. Ask yourself, “What do I REALLY want to do?” Then let yourself journal or audio record the stream of answers that flow out. Don’t edit or worry about the hows. Just free flow with the ideal scenarios for a little while.

3. Act as if. Go about your day acting as if you already have your dream job. Get dressed up, put on lipstick and even talk about how great your life is. Talk about the benefits of this financial freedom and abundance. Talk about your ideal schedule and how it allows you to enjoy life. Pretend yourself into feeling good and knowing that good opportunities are coming.

Enjoy this creative process and allow the Universe to deliver all you’ve been hoping for. You’ve got this!

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