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Love Day 27: Essential Oils for Mamas

Essential oils have become a key part of my home and self-care routine. Recently I broke open a fresh bottle of SniffleEase to diffuse while Sofie was sick. The doctor told us that a cold typically lasts 11 days for infants. Luckily she recovered within 7 days. I can’t say for sure that the essential oils made the difference, but they definitely didn’t hurt. I’m willing to try anything if it reduces her suffering. I’m happy to report that she is back to her healthy, curious and busy self.

I want to empower other mamas with these amazing little bottles, so I’m hosting a play and learn party on Tuesday, April 11th at 12pm in Renton, Washington. We’ll have giveaways and samples along with food and a play area for the kids. It will be a great chance to smell and sample so many powerful products by Young Living. If you’d like to attend, drop me a note here. May your little ones be full of energy, good health and joy!

Photo by Casey Leigh Essentials

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